Didn’t See The State Of The Union? Here’s What You Missed by Julia Schemmer

The annual State of the Union Address was delivered by President Barack Obama on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015. The Address, which is a constitutional power given to the President to convene Congress for special assemblies, is one of the most pertinent events for the national government, as it sets the pace for the president’s agenda and Congress’ legislation, If you missed the address, have no fear! Here are the biggest discussions Obama explained during his address.

1) Womens’ Rights

Feminists rejoiced when Obama announced that it was finally time for women to receive equal pay as their male counterparts. “It’s 2015,” the president explained with a slight smile. For years, feminists and socioeconomic activists have advocated the idea of equal wages, and
now the winds are turning to favor the struggle for womens’ rights. Something tells us that Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Cady Staton, and Mary Wollenstonecraft are all smiling down at the progress being made for the female minority. While by no means are we close to attaining our goals completely, a step is being made in the right direction.

2) Education

Obama created a flurry of excitement when he announced his goal of creating free two-year community college for blossoming students, If executed in excellence, this paves the way to a more educated and innovative America, as well as the ability for more low-income students to achieve their goal of pursuing further education. However, this doesn’t come without commitment – Obama mentions that high grades and an educational focus is pertinent to receiving the financial aid.
While there’s no doubts about the cost of appropriating such ambitions, it’s important that Obama is taking the next generation
seriously. When we empower the next generation to pursue their academic goals, the future is brightened with the possibilities and potential of the next trailblazers.

3) Veterans’ Rights

Obama brought joy to the room when he acknowledged the need for veterans to find employment. He emphasized their admirable traits, explaining that they are the hardest working and most loyal employees a company could want. With more veterans able to enter the work force after their discharge, more are finding hope of self-sufficiancy and
independence. The people that fight to protect our independence are finally given greater opportunities to use their skills, receive training, and support their families after their military service,

While some of Obama’s reforms seemed to upset members of the Congress, it’s important to realize the progressive reforms reinforced through the State of the Union. Whether 2015 will be a year of advancing civil liberties and empowering excellence in the misrepresented,  it’s clear that the future holds an open frontier to change the oppressive cycles we’ve been accustomed to for so long, and make changes that’ll cause an impact much greater than ourselves.


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