Don’t Forget The Women By Julia Schemmer

“I desire you would remember the ladies…”

This famous quotation from one of Abigail Adam’s letters to her husband has been quoted as a source of inspiration, motivation, and Jeopardy questions. Although it was written in the eighteenth century, her words haunt the solemn duties of feminists worldwide as they endure persecution for the betterment of womens’ rights.

Let’s dabble more into what motivated Abigail to write her cautionary letter. In the seventeenth century, women weren’t given the same rights we enjoy today. Typically, a girl between the ages of 13-16 would enter into an arranged marriage, made primarily for the economic benefit of their parents. After marrying, their main responsibility would be to have kids and maintain the household through chores and domestic work. They weren’t given the right to vote, and although they had basic education, most didn’t continue their education at a university.

Abigail Adams took boldness in asking her presidential husband to remember the ladies, to consider them as equals in the United States. Today, women of the United States experience the right to freely marry, gain a career, achieve an education, and pursue their dreams. While admittedly we have a lot to work on in regards to womens’ rights, it’s through trailblazers like Abigail Adams who was gallant enough to gain the attention of influential leaders to promote change.

You can make a difference too, by urging your elected officials to “remember the women” in the issues we face today! When passionate people join together for a cause greater than themselves, the results are inevitably wonderful.

All my best,
Julia Schemmer

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